Globe Telecom is Blocking VPN Services

The widely use VPN gateway in the Philippines, Globe Telecom is trying to block all VPN services from a reliable source. This was started to test yesterday when most VPN’s IP address disallow to initiate. According to an IT expert, blocking the VPN by ISP will result to lowering the bandwidth for the broadband payers.

Globe Telecom and other network providers cannot totally block the VPN because VPN / tunneling / proxy is purely legal, likewise VPN servers are not located in the Philippines, and blocking the entire VPN is not just knowing the port but to know all the IPs of the VPN servers around the world. The only wrong way of VPN is the use of the telecommunication provider in the Philippines to access the world wide web for free or so-called “premium subscription” of OpenVPN client makers, paying around P150 to P300 pesos monthly to cut the bill and save up to 80 to 90 percent savings compared to a paid subscription of P1000 to 1500 per month .

The initiation of Globe Telecom to block VPN is quite successful. Admittedly by a telecommunication insider, they cannot totally block VPN because it will cause an adjustment that would affect other subscribers to block several IP, and would cause data routing malfunction.

VPN is useful for identity security and ISP provide full permit to use for the purpose. Yet, the confidentiality of VPN use which is a gateway to access internet is still unknown to most subscribers, but telecommunication providers are far more knowledgeable in network technologies than the users.

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  1. logic says:

    did2 sa akin walang block… 9months ko nang gamit.. txt me or call… 09465986244

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