How to bring back the Menu Bar, Navigation Toolbar and other Bars in Mozilla Firefox?

If you have accidentally unchecked your toolbar, address bar and other existing bar in Mozilla Firefox and couldn’t bring it back. And you see that you don’t have anymore options to bring back that menu or address bar back.

Almost of us have no idea what to do. But now, I have something to share. To solved that problem is just easy as one press of a key.

Just press F10 or ALT Key. Its just simply as that, then the Menu Bar appears at the top of the Firefox browser. You can now click “View” then click “Toolbars” and you can now check those Menu Bar, Navigation Toolbar or even the Bookmark Toolbar.

So, your problem has been solved!
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Thank you for reading my blog! God bless this Valentines Day!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kristin Hanna says:

    Holy crap!!! Wow, thanks!!!! That was easy!!!!

    1. Mark Ray says:

      thanks for reading my blog.

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